The Essential Elements of a Will

Doing a jigsaw puzzle involves concentration, dedication and commitment. You have to force yourself to examine the big picture and attempt to overlay the box image with each piece as the puzzle begins to take shape.

It is the same way in many legal matters, including wills – one piece goes missing and the task isn’t quite right.

Creating a Will Demands Close Attention to Legal Issues and Details

Creating a Will Demands Attention to Legal Issues and Details

Although wills and probate fall under the dictates of state laws and regulations, they are subject to enquiries of a judge – and if something’s missing, you may have to go back to square one and start again. However, you may not be afforded that opportunity when you’re in the final stages of a will’s adjudication.

Investing in legal counsel or advice at the start may help substantially and may be the wisest step you can take in your estate planning. Dennis D. Camp specializes in probate administration and estate planning and can ensure all the legal requirements – crossing the t’s and dotting the I’s – are met.

A lifelong resident of Marion County, Florida, Dennis D. Camp would be glad to guide you through the process of creating a proper and legally binding will that will give you the peace of mind in knowing that your wishes will be properly and adequately addressed.

What Does It Take to Create a Binding Will?

Wills must include several key elements to ensure they adhere to requirements of the law, including legal age, sound mind, intent, written statements, voluntary involvement, adequate witnesses and proper execution. Having the advice of an experienced attorney can ensure that your will is completed correctly.

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