Use Online Legal Resources for Research

Where can you get reliable answers for legal questions? Finding answers to legal questions can be challenging. However, there are several online resources where you can research a topic prior to speaking with a professional to gain some insight. Find answers to your legal questions using these online resources.

Here Are a Few Online Legal Resources:

If you are looking to read about legal issues by topic or by state, the website can help you. You can find a lawyer by their area of specialty. The site also allows you to ask local attorneys a question in order to get a better understanding of your legal issue. In reading through articles, forums and blogs you can gain valuable insight.


The AVVO website allows you to read about legal matters by common topics. You can post a question and receive an answer from local attorneys within 12 hours. By using their advisor service, you can speak with a lawyer for 15 minutes for a flat $39 fee. This service should give you some next step guidance in your matter.


American Bar Association

The American Bar Association website is one of the largest associations in the United States composed of lawyers, judges and law students. This website has a public resources section dedicated to helping you find legal resources in your area.

Each website also offers directories to find local attorneys with their areas of specialty listed. Just keep in mind all of these resources are for reference only. Every situation is unique so it’s always best to consult with a licensed professional who specializes in your area of need. A professional can help you make the best decision for you and your situation.

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